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About Our Orchard

Our Story

Established in 1919, Heller Orchards is a family owned and operated business specializing in a variety of fruit. Founded by Hoyt E. Heller, the orchard began on 20 acres of land in Wapwallopen, Pennsylvania. Hoyt got his start at Gettysburg College where he learned how to grow many types of apples. As the business flourished, he saw opportunities to sell locally, including A&P stores in the area. His success led him to open a retail store in Wapwallopen, Pa., which is still in operation today.

Hoyt’s son, Quentin Heller, was born in 1928 and grew to have an appreciation for agriculture just like his father. In 1954, Quentin traveled to England and was inspired to learn about dwarf fruit trees. He learned that dwarf trees allowed farmers to produce more fruit while using less land. He returned to the states with the trees and became one of the first apple growers in Pennsylvania to pioneer dwarf apple tree nurseries. He and his father cleared additional land to be used for the orchards and expanded the operation to 35 acres. Hoyt’s daughter-in-law, Ruth Heller, managed the retail store and has been the friendly face that customers have returned to for over forty years.

Quentin’s son, Greg Heller, has taken on the modern day challenges that the farm presents. His focus on production and wholesale operations has led to a greater variety of fruit and development of the farm. To this day, Greg strives to educate himself regarding the most innovative farming procedures. In 1988, he planted a pear orchard.  In 2000, he planted a peach orchard.  He studied fruit production in Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Michigan, Washington, British Columbia, and overseas in Italy.  He established business at  Farmers' Markets and grocery stores. Quentin's daughter-in-law, Andrea Heller, manages the business and is now the friendly face to our loyal customers. 

The orchard now thrives as a member of the USDA’s Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) program. Heller Orchards is committed to providing a safe, healthy, and great-tasting product. We are proactive about implementing procedures to make a positive difference which is why we say, “We Grow Good Health.”

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