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Crops We Grow

We grow apples, peaches, pears, cherries, plums, apricots, and nectarines.

At Heller Orchards, we have been growing fruit for over one hundred years.  We began with just apple and pear trees, then gradually planted additional trees on the land.  Apple varieties chosen over the years, were determined by their individual flavor.  Today, we grow approximately 20 different varieties of apples.

When many folks think of pears, they think of a Bartlett pear which is certainly the most common. In addition to Bartlett, we grow Red Bartlett, Bosc, Asian, Seckel, and Anjou.  

Just like other crops, depending on whether it is an early or late bloom, peaches are ready for picking late July.  There are many types of peaches but unlike apples, variety is not easy to identify by appearance, unless of course, you are comparing a yellow peach to a white peach.  A wide selection of peaches are available such as yellow peaches, white peaches, sweet dreams, donut peaches, and nectarines to name a few.

When we decided to plant plum trees, we weren't too sure how that was going to work out.  Those of you that come to our market year after year, proved to us that we must be doing okay.  We have Sugar Plums, Japanese Plums, Fortune Plums, Italian Plums, Stanley Plums, and a few Bubble Gum Plums.

Cherries are a bit of a challenge to grow in the Pennsylvania climate, but we try our best to produce a nice crop.  We have approximately 13 different varieties of sweet cherries, and sour cherries, that make for delicious pies.

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